Pete Doherty Runs from the Law

Pete Doherty has learned a thing or two since his status as a drug-addled train wreck made him a household name: When all else fails, blame the paparazzi.

Shortly after pleading guilty to seven drug possession charges this morning, the Babyshambles singer hopped the railings outside the court, approached a female paparazzo, and kicked her in the arm.

“It was total chaos here outside the court both when he arrived and when he left,” BBC Radio One reporter Trudi Barber (the aforementioned paparazzo) said, according to the AP. “Afterwards he leapt over the railings outside the court,” she continued. “All of a sudden he lashed out, kicking me in the arm that was holding the microphone.”

Before Doherty’s outburst, the singer appeared in Thames Magistrates’ Court in London to plead guilty to possessing drugs, including heroin, crack cocaine, and marijuana. He is currently under court supervision for the charges and, since February, has been ordered to submit to regular drug tests.

After the judge ordered Doherty to return to court on April 20, Doherty calmly left the courthouse, and, after successfully kicking Barber’s microphone to the ground, dashed down the street, leapt into a Jaguar sedan, and came this close to crashing into another car before driving off.

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