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Moz: Monkey Say, Monkey Don’t

Having been less than a charming man in his comments about the Arctic Monkeys, Morrissey decided to apologize to the young Brits.

During SXSW, Morrissey said the Monkeys “haven’t proved anything” and don’t deserve the success they have achieved so quickly, but the singer then took back his criticism in a statement to NME.

“I’m sorry that the comments I made at South by Southwest about the Arctic Monkeys were printed so harshly in The Times and NME. I actually quite like the Arctic Monkeys and whatever I said was with tender, avuncular concern.”

Then, perhaps forgetting he was supposed to be issuing an apology, not a fresh jab, he added, “I hope to God I didn’t upset their grannies.”

“I was wrong about their success being too sudden and without any dues paid,” he said, “because that’s exactly how it happened for the Smiths. So, I really should shut it.”

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