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Bob Dylan: Courtney’s New Muse

Courtney Love has quickly become better known for her red carpet outbursts than her on-stage talent, but if Bob Dylan has anything to do with it, we might soon hear Ms. Love channeling her anger in a much more prolific manner.

Working on her second round of demos for her first album in two years, Love has been getting her inspiration from Dylan’s album of uber-emotional songs including “Simple Twist of Fate,” “Shelter From the Storm,” and “If You See Her, Say Hello.”

“I’m listening exclusively to [Bob Dylan’s] Blood on the Tracks so that’s where I’m kind of going,” Love told “I haven’t used a drummer yet.”

Love will likely have a more edgy take on Dylan’s masterpiece though, since she has enlisted the help of ubiquitous producer Linda Perry (who produced Love’s 2004 album, America’s Sweetheart) and Billy Corgan as a co-writer.

So having settled on a new ‘tude, and the right collaborators, what’s left for Love to do other than record the new album? Well, there’s the minor problem of finding a label to house the notorious hellraiser. Love’s manager, Peter Asher told Billboard that he’s unsure if the album will be released via Virgin. “We’re thinking about all that,” he said. “All label options are open to us.”

Perry, meanwhile, is just hoping the album gets made. “It’s really time that girl makes her ‘f*** you’ record,” she said. “But, you know, she gets distracted.”

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