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Bin Laden’s Niece – Pop Idol?

The bin Laden family is notorious for many things, but their vocal chops and acting skills weren’t among them until Osama’s niece, Wafah Dufour, decided to pursue a singing career. Now, she wants to live the Great American Dream of becoming a reality TV star.

Dufour will star in a reality TV show about her life as a singer, according to No word yet on when the show will air, but Dufour says she hopes the show will help people better understand her and see her for something other than her familial tie to President Bush’s arch nemesis.

“I understand that when people hear my last name, they have preconceived notions, but I was born an American, and I love my country,” she told

ReganMedia, the company producing the show, explained that Dufour’s “quest for stardom will make for a compelling television series.”

Dufour is already assimilating herself into the pop culture machine, joining the ranks of pop stars like Ashlee Simpson and Ashley Parker Angel, who looked to reality TV to help launch (or re-launch) their careers.

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