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Beasties Get Awesome March 23

The Beastie Boys have been showing a lot of love for their fans lately, having armed them with cameras to shoot footage for a documentary film, and announcing limited screenings of that film in theaters across the country.

Awesome, I Fuckin’ Shot That will be shown on nearly 200 screens nationwide on March 23 before the film officially opens in theatres on March 31.

Starring director Nathanial Hornblower (aka Adam Yauch) and fellow Beasties Mike D and Adrock, as well as Mix Master Mike and others, the documentary delves into what it takes to put on a live Beasties show. The film also features footage from 50 cameras held by 50 audience members at their October 2004 Madison Square Garden concert.

Filmgoers will also get a chance to see a 30-minute short created especially for the event, called A Day in the Life of Nathanial Hornblower, starring comedian David Cross as the elusive Awesome director, Hornblower himself.

Dates and times for the film screening can be found at the Awesome: I Fuckin’ Shot That official site and tickets can be purchased at

Beastie Boys official site

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