Stones Unsatisfied with Super Bowl Censorship

A spokesperson for the Rolling Stones said that the band found ABC’s censorship of their Super Bowl halftime performance “absolutely ridiculous and completely unnecessary,” contrary to previous reports from the ABC/NFL brass. “The Rolling Stones were aware of our plan which was to simply lower the volume on his microphone at those two appropriate moments,” an NFL spokesperson told Reuters. “The Stones were aware of it and they were fine with it.”

As reported on Monday, the songs “Start Me Up,” and “Rough Justice,” were censored for inappropriate content (read more ). A Rolling Stones spokesperson refuted this comment, stressing that they band was in fact, not fine. “There were many many conversations back and forth and the band clearly was not happy about it [the censoring],” the spokesperson said. The Stones will tour South America later this month, and they’ll be free to use all the profanity and double entendres that they fancy.

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