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Legendary NYC Party Gets Documentary Treatment

Motherfucker, the New York City dance party that has been thrown on major holiday weekends since the 2000 by party promoters Michael T, Justine D, Johnny T, and Georgie Seville, will be immortalized in a new eponymous documentary. New York filmmaker and video director David Casey will direct.

“When considering the prospect of telling the story of modern day New York’s underground music and arts scene, Motherfucker is the only thing that made sense to me,” Casey said. “[T]he Motherfucker crew collectively represent something more sincere, open and risk-taking. They’re heroes of the nightlife and they need to be remembered.”

Casey is planning an accompanying score and soundtrack to be released with the film, as well as a Motherfucker tour which will visit cities and campuses across the country spreading the “gospel of Motherfucker.” The tour will culminate at the South by Southwest Festival in 2007.

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