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Futureheads Spill Sophomore Album Details

The Futureheads sound like model Englishmen: The title track of their album, News and Tributes, honors the victims of a tragic 1958 Munich Air crash that killed several Manchester United soccer players.

Besides the bleak subject matter of the title song, with tracks called “Return of the Berserker” and “Skip to the End,” the rest of the new Futureheads album sounds like a fairly upbeat venture. “The accents and attitude are the same but it’s a lot less cluttered,” bassist Jaff told The stripped down aesthetic of the album might have something to do with the rustic Yorkshire moors where it was recorded. “We were in this amazing farmhouse in the hills,” said guitarist/vocalist Barry Hyde. “No mobile reception or anything. It had different weather, it had its own eco-system! It was cold though, no central heating, just a coal fire.”

The Futureheads recorded News and Tributes at a fever pitch. They went into the studio in October 2005 and emerged from Yorkshire by the end of last year. News and Tributes is slated for a late May release.

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