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Truffle Shuffle

I usually brush over MySpace bulletins that are quite obviously chain-email-type-things. But, since one of my friends posted this one today with the subject “Truffle shuffle,” and I am a huge fan of The Goonies, I had to oblige.

The concept: Put your iPod on shuffle, write down the first 15 songs it plays. I was very pleased with the list that mine churned out, and feel it’s entirely representative of my 37 GB of music:

1. We Are Scientists – “Lousy Reputation”
2. Elefant – “London (Theater Demo)”
3. Craig Wedren – “Higher and Higher” (from Wet Hot American Summer)
4. Afghan Whigs – “Step Into the Light”
5. The Futureheads – “A to B”
6. The Cribs – “Haunted”
7. Doves – “The Sulphur Man”
8. Royksopp – “Sparks”
9. Her Space Holiday – “A Small Setback to a Great Comeback”
10. Iggy & the Stooges – “Search and Destroy”
11. The Izzys – “Change Your Mind”
12. Antonio Carlos Jobim – “Aguas de Março”
13. Say Anything – “The Writhing South”
14. The Clash – “Lost in the Supermarket”
15. The Magnetic Fields – “A Pretty Girl is Like…”

I would love to see your lists; click the “Comment” button at right and post your own 15 songs.