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The Raconteurs Go Online, Commodore-Style

Jack White has always been a purist, from his minimal black, red, and white ensembles to the stripped down sound of the White Stripes. The just-launched website for the Raconteurs, Jack’s new side project with Brendan Benson and two members of the Greenhornes, has a similarly stripped-down aesthetic: It’s designed in green and black with fonts like an old Apple IIE interface. Instead of pointing and clicking like regular websites, viewers can navigate the website with letter commands: “H” for Home, “T” for Tours, “B” for Bio, etc. The site is skeletal for now, but it does boast two songs available for streaming. “Steady As She Goes” and “Store Bought Bones” are both available by tapping “M” for Media. The Raconteurs will release both songs on a limited edition 7” today in Europe, and on March 7 in the U.S.

Raconteurs official site