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Hot Beef: Franz vs. Oasis

Franz Ferdinand frontman Alex Kapranos has been mum on Oasis since Liam Gallagher compared him to Right Said Fred of “I’m Too Sexy” fame — mum until now that is. reports that Kapranos thinks Liam is really a defensive schoolgirl masquerading as a pompous rock star. “He knows he can get in the papers from being as obnoxious as he can,” Kapranos said. “When I read the press that surrounded them earlier in 2005, it sounded like an extremely anxious, neurotic young girl at a high school who thought that she had younger, better looking competition and was just bitching about everything about her.” Kapranos dismisses Gallagher’s yapping: “I’m not particularly bothered by him. It just seems like bitchery from cheap neurosis.” Sounds like grounds for Rock Star Fight Club ’06.

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