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Film School

By: Katy Lindenmuth

To be blatantly stereotypical, up-and-coming rockers Film School easily could’ve been actual film school students in their pre-music days. You know the type: constant wide-eyed expression, habitually disheveled hair, overall artsy-fartsy demeanor. Out-there ideas. Rebellious name spellings: The band’s lead singer, for example, is Krayg — not Craig — Burton; lead guitarist is Nyles — not Niles — Lannon. But the real artiness that emanates from this San Francisco-based quintet (which is rounded out by bassist Justin LaBo, drummer Donny Newenhouse, and keyboardist Jason Ruck) is in their dreamy music.

Quiet but intense, subtle but unrestrained, the songs of Film School possess, musically speaking, more balls than Sigur Ros and less eccentricity than Moby. It’s like a seamless score to your dreams, hallucinations, or Vanilla Sky, minus creepy, disfigured Tom Cruise. But, unlike those ephemeral experiences, you’ll remember this stuff when you wake up. Now that’s psychedelic, man.

After some breakout moments at the 2005 South by Southwest festival, Film School headed back out on tour and are currently promoting their self-titled album (out tomorrow on Beggar’s Banquet) on the West Coast. They’re also headed back to Austin for SXSW 2006.

Film School tour dates:

1/25, Hollywood, CA (Troubadour) 1/26, San Francisco, CA (Amoeba Records in-store) 1/26, San Francisco, CA (Bottom of the Hill) 2/10, Portland, OR (Doug Fir) 2/11, Seattle, WA (KEXP in-studio) 2/11, Seattle, WA (Chop Suey) 2/12, Seattle, WA (Sonic Boom in-store)

Film School official site