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Early Radiohead Demos Leaked

The fansite,, has unearthed eighteen early Radiohead tracks from two different demos, one from 1988, and one from 1990. The first demo, recorded when Radiohead was still known as On a Friday, includes tracks called “Happy Song,” “To Be A Brilliant Light,” and “Sinking Ship.” The 1990 demo — after the band had dropped the On a Friday moniker — has fifteen tracks. At the time, the band was known as Shindig, but that was an ephemeral name: By the time 1992’s Drill EP was released, hey band had settled on the now-infamous Radiohead as their band name.

1990 Radiohead demo tracklisting:

“Climbing Up a Bloody Great Hill”
“Mr. B”
“What”s That You See?”
“Everyone Needs Someone to Hate”
“Upside Down”
“The Greatest Shindig of the World”
“Give It Up”
“How Can You Be Sure?”
“Life with the Big F”
“Keep Strong”
“Burning Bush”
“Tell Me Bitch”
“New Generation”

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