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Drugs Will Tear Pete and Kate Apart

Apparently Pete Doherty loves coke more than he loves Kate: The beleaguered Babyshambles frontman has been arrested in London for alleged possession of Class A drugs. Class A drugs include heroin, methadone, cocaine, ecstasy, LSD, methamphetamines, and mushrooms, and possession of such substances could lead to a maximum of seven years in prison for Doherty. According to, Doherty was pulled over when driving Tuesday night in West London, and arrested due to suspected possession. He was bailed out and is due to return to the police station within the month.

Earlier this month, reported that Doherty was attending the same rehab in Arizona that his on-again-off-again amour Kate Moss attended (read more). A friend of the couple had said, “Pete realized his love for her is greater than his love for drugs.” Guess he changed his mind.

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