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Surviving Bayside Members Mourn

Two members of Bayside — bassist Nick Ghanbarian and lead singer Anthony Raneri — released personal statements in the aftermath of bandmate John Holohan’s tragic and untimely death in a tour van crash Monday night.

“I’m very lucky not to be paralyzed,” said Ghanbarian, who suffered serious injuries in the wreck. “I was thrown through the window of our rolling van after hitting a patch of ice.” It’s unclear how long Ghanbarian will remain in the hospital, but he remains optimistic. “All in all, I’ll be OK, and the minute I can have a bass in my hand and be playing in front of people again I will. It’s all I know how to do and the only thing that makes me happy,” he said.

Lead singer Anthony Raneri shed light on the band’s plans post-crash; Raneri and guitarist Jack O’Shea escaped with minor injuries. “On November 16, Jack and I will be flying out to St. Petersburg, FL, to join up with the Never Sleep Again Tour,” Ranieri said. “We will be playing an acoustic set that night and every night through the end of the tour on December 11. We loved this tour. Beatz [aka Holohan] loved this tour, and this is something that we need to do for ourselves, for our band, and for John Beatz, who would kick my ass if I didn’t finish up what he gave his life for.” Ghanbarian added, “We live for rock and roll, and when you believe in something enough, sometimes you die for it.”

The rest of the Victory Records Never Sleep Again Tour lineup — Silverstein, Aiden, and Hawthorne Heights — will play dates between now and November 16 as scheduled.

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