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Shortlist Award Scrapped for 2005

The Shortlist Prize, originally intended to help independent and lesser known music crossover into the mainstream, will not be awarded in 2005 due to infighting among its founders. The Prize was created in 2001 by industry veterans Tom Sarig and Greg Spotts, who have since become estranged. According to, Spotts has admittedly become less involved with the music world and shifted his focus towards politics with the 2003 documentary American Jobs.

“The only reason why we haven’t put on a Shortlist this year is because Tom and I don’t seem to be able to agree on how,” Spotts said. Sarig is trying to keep the musical dream alive: He will attempt to continue the Shortlist Prize in a new incarnation called the New Pantheon Award. The celebrity judges Sarig has rounded up this year include Shirley Manson of Garbage, Elijah Wood, Dave Matthews, and Elton John.

See Spotts get really pissed; see Spotts sue: Greg says that if Sarig goes ahead with his New Pantheon plans, Spotts will take legal action. “[The New Pantheon] isn’t something that I feel is legally possible for [Sarig],” Spotts told Billboard, “You can’t compete against a company that you co-own.” Sarig is going to go ahead with the New Pantheon anyhow and says he will announce the nominees in December. Former winners of the Shortlist Prize include TV on the Radio, Damien Rice, N.E.R.D., and Sigur Ros.

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