Kick Out the Pearl Jams

Even though Eddie Vedder is over 40, he can still muster the rage necessary for a real hard rock album — just look at all the rage he channeled against Bush in the 2004 election. Earlier this week, Vedder told a Brazilian radio station about Pearl Jam’s new record, due out in the spring of 2006. “It’s easily the best stuff we’ve done but also some of the hardest stuff,” Vedder told a Brazilian rock station, according to Billboard. “It’s very aggressive, because again, it’s kind of a product of what’s it’s like to be an American these days.” Pearl Jam is preparing to start their first South American tour on November 22. The tour kicks off in Santiago, Chile, and, in the true populist Pearl Jam fashion, bootlegs of the South American tour dates will be available on Pearl Jam’s website mere hours after the performances take place.

Pearl Jam official site

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