‘Imagine’ a Digital Age

Just shy of the 25th anniversary of his tragic death, John Lennon’s solo work will finally be available through digital media on December 6, although the specific services which will carry Lennon’s music have yet to be announced. Billboard.com reports that Lennon’s widow, Yoko Ono, is thrilled with the technological development. “I always say that he would have been very excited by all the opportunities offered by the development of new means of communication,” she said.

Though Lennon’s classics will be available online, they won’t be on the mother of all downloading systems, Apple’s iTunes, due to a fracas between Apple and Apple Corps Ltd, the Beatles’ old record label. Paul McCartney, for one, is staying out of that Newtonian battle. “At some point, somebody will make the right move and it’ll all happen,” McCartney said earlier this year. “But at the moment, people aren’t making the right move, so I just keep out of it.”

The Beatles official site

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