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Young Jeezy Has Baby Mama Drama

Maybe that diamond snowman pendant Atlanta rapper Young Jeezy sports is just cubic zirconium: In response to his ex-girlfriend’s plea for more child support, Young Jeezy’s lawyers claim that he has no income and makes only 35 dollars a day. Australian website reports that Jeezy’s ex-girlfriend and the mother of his nine-year old son, Tynesha Dykes, is asking for $20,000 a month in child support. Keep your calculator holstered: It’s a hundred times more than the $178 dollars Dykes is now receiving monthly. Though his outward appearance is all baubles and bling, Jeezy’s lawyers say that he does not own a car, a home, or any jewelry, despite the fact that he’s sold over a million records. “His is yet another example of the misogynist hip-hop /rap culture bashing women and de-emphasizing the libertine lifestyles of its male stars,” says Dykes’ ironically named attorney, Jim Rockefeller. Also ironic is the name of Jeezy’s record label, Corporate Thugs Entertainment. For someone trying to look poor, he shouldn’t go under the “Corporate” banner.

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