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True Love

By: Matt Terl

The danger of the quarter-life crisis in America today has not yet been properly gauged. Possible side effects of this syndrome, if left unchecked, include morbid depression (with heavy drinking); quitting a high-paying job to go back to school (and drinking heavily); manic purchasing of bizarre housewares, linens, and kitchen goods (often after heavy drinking); and, if the guys in True Love are to be believed, accidentally starting a terrific power pop trio.

In 1999, with a string of failed bands and disheartening industry experiences behind them (and their 30th birthdays approaching), Tom Beaujour, Keith Hartel, and Ray Kubian essentially decided to start a band that they’d just flat-out enjoy, and make the music that they wanted to hear. In the wrong hands, this move could’ve been disastrous. Fortunately, what these three wanted to hear was three-part harmonies, catchy tunes, sing-able choruses, wailing guitars, and bouncing drums. Even more fortunately, they’re great at doing all those things.

Prior to recording their third (and latest) album, Wings, they managed to shoehorn in surgeries, break-ups, and a stint as the backing band for ex-Television honcho Richard Lloyd. Then, once again, they turned those personal disappointments into upbeat, three-minute chunks of effervescent rock. It’s very easy to hear in True Love echoes of every now-forgotten band you’ve ever loved; every obscure CD you ever forced on friends; every mislabeled MP3 you’ve put on infinite repeat. In putting their own failures behind them, True Love triumphs for all those other bands that never made the climb.

After everything they’ve gone through, the band has developed an undeniable charisma and a captivating sound, not to mention an album with winners throughout the track listing. As far as side effects from quarter-life crises go, that certainly beats the heck out of an MFA and a new duvet cover.

True Love tour dates:

11/17, Hoboken, NJ (Maxwell’s) 11/19, New Haven, CT (Rudy’s) 11/20, New York, NY (The Baggot Inn)

True Love official site True Love at MySpace