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Live: Nintendo Fusion Tour

By: Erica Futterman

Nintendo is responsible for some kooky character nomenclature over the years. They’ve introduced us to the likes of Mario and Luigi, Princess Zelda, Kid Icarus, King Hippo, and Mother Brain. So, it’s no surprise that a rock tour sponsored by Nintendo would be headlined by a band whose name could have easily graced one of those gray cartridges: Fall Out Boy. At the Nintendo Fusion Tour’s stop in Chicago, Fall Out Boy had a raucous homecoming, lifting a proverbial Triforce of sorts before an adoring crowd.

The show featured several other bands that joined Fall Out Boy on this summer’s Warped Tour. Patrick Stump, Fall Out Boy’s lead singer, said his band hand-picked the four supporting acts, but it was clear that show openers and scene newcomers (literally — their debut album came out the week of the show) Panic! at the Disco as well as longtime Midwest favorites Motion City Soundtrack were the obvious fits.PrintEmail