Full Frontal Stroke(s)ing

“Juicebox” might connote innocent thoughts, like Twinkies and shiny Capri Sun wrappers, but the Strokes want you to think of something else when you see the video for their new single: Sex. Strokes frontman Julian Casablancas told MTV.com that the “Juicebox” video concept involves a live performance by his band at an NYC radio station that turns the city into a smoldering orgy. “There might be full-frontal nudity,” Casablancas boasted. “MTV will not play this video because it’s so controversial, [but] it will be groundbreaking.” Besides the full-frontal tidbit, the Strokes won’t give up any more info about the video, but a source on the casting team for the “Juicebox” video said the casting call asked for people who are ready and willing to perform “exhibitionist” displays of public affection. Put THAT in your “Juicebox,” and suck it down.

The Strokes official site

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