blink-182’s Tom DeLonge Works on New Projects, Modesty

blink-182’s frontman Tom DeLonge has finally come out with his first official statement since Blink went on a recent hiatus. DeLonge talked to MTV about his new band, Angels & Airwaves, and he expressed the eventual world-dominance of their new album. “Right now, I’m a song and a half from finishing the greatest album of my career,” DeLonge said, “[A]nd I swear it’s going to be something that will compete with the greatest rock records of all time…And I’m not saying this lightly. Anyone who’s heard the music understands.” At least DeLonge has some decent bandmates to back up his overwhelming bluster: The Distillers’ ex-bassist Ryan Sinn, former Rocket from the Crypt guitarist David Kennedy and drummer Atom Willard join DeLonge in Angels & Airwaves.

The band will also release a film along with the new LP, but it is unclear whether the movie will be direct to DVD or if it will be shown in movie theaters. DeLonge also sounds off on the movie, which he compares to the Pink Floyd stoner masterpiece The Wall, ” A third of the movie is CGI, a third of the movie is a documentary and a third of it is a love story,” DeLonge says, “And it basically tells the story of the breakup of one of the biggest bands in the world and the creation of the world’s greatest rock band.” Apparently the film also uses WWII metaphors to express the largess of Angels & Airwaves. Because the deaths of millions of people is analogous to the impact that Angels & Airwaves is destined to make on our modern world. You just keep telling yourself that, Tom.

Angels and Airwaves official website

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