Alice Cooper: Hero to Homeless?

Alice Cooper wants to help the hungry men of London, even if they don’t want pizza. According to the U.K. website, Cooper is pitching a reality TV show in which he will save a homeless man from the streets of London. “It will be about a guy who is sleeping in downtown London and life is totally gone for him,” Cooper reportedly said of his new show. “He’s just a bundle of rags. We find out how he got there and reconstruct his life. That would be great TV.” Apparently Alice will search the gritty parts of London for the “right type” of homeless man. Maybe he means the kind who wears ghoulish makeup, likes to play golf, and wants to open sports bars, just like Alice. After wrapping up a U.S. tour, Cooper heads to England for the month of November, ostensibly to tour, but perhaps to pound the pavement in search of the right derelict.

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