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Love & Moss: Rehab Roundup!

To the surprise of very few, both Kate Moss and Courtney Love acknowledged their drug abuse in the past few days. According to, Love was ordered back to rehab after spending the requisite 28 days. Courtney was back in rehab in the first place after violating her parole on July 21 when drug use landed her in a Los Angeles hospital. Her stint in rehab was extended to six months and her probation will last until March 15, 2007.

Moss suffered a far more public reckoning with drug use, as photographs of her snorting several lines of cocaine in the company of her often drug-addled boyfriend, Babyshambles’ Pete Doherty, were published last week in the U.K. tabloid The Daily Mirror. So far, the consequences for Moss have amounted only to embarrassment, as the clothing company H&M announced that they will keep Moss as the face of their fall clothing line in light of her apology for cocaine use. The AP reports that a spokesperson for H&M said, “We feel that this [Moss’ drug use] is very unfortunate… [But] we are giving her a second chance.”

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