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CMJ ’05: Day Three Capsules

!!!, Supersystem, CocoRosie
Like a cross between Billy Holiday and Le Tigre, CocoRosie have a knack for combining coy vocals with quirky, electronic melodies. During their dreamy performance at the Touch & Go showcase, the Casady sisters traded childlike rhymes in front of video projections of the Care Bears and gymnasts. For the track “Japan,” the collective brought in back-up dancers to enhance the song’s irrepressible groove. “Everybody wants to go to Japan,” sang Bianca Casady, “Everybody just hold hands.”

Washington, D.C., natives Supersystem followed the act, kicking off a disco-punk double-header. The quartet delivered hypnotic chants and jagged guitars over a throbbing drum machine. The whirling tracks from their recent debut effort, Always Never Again, were greeted with eager head bobbing from the audience. The group capped off the set with the screamfest “Defcon,” replete with the band members’ maniacal flailing.PrintEmail