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CMJ ’05: Day Four Capsules

Hiro Ballroom
From frontwoman Emily Haines’ white schoolgirl dress to the trio of boys backing her in slacks and somber button-downs, you’d think Metric was attired for Sunday school when they played Hiro Ballroom. It didn’t take Haines long, though, to kick off her shoes, throw her body into ungodly contortions and offer up her heavenly brand of fashionable ’80s-influenced synth pop.

The first half of their set was devoted to the Canadian quartet’s forthcoming LP Live it Out (out October 4 on Last Gang). The drone-filled intro to that album’s opener “Empty” was longer and more building than the studio track, and it segued just as adroitly into “Glass Ceiling.” Here, Haines crafted punchier keyboard swells and sounded angrier than on record as she painfully repeated the refrains, “Only know what I’m told” and “Only do what I’m told.”PrintEmail