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Everyone knows there’s no crying in screamo! Forsaking the emo trap of melodic lament, Ontario’s Silverstein has aligned itself instead with the genre’s angst-ridden stepbrother, whipping a potential whine into a scathing roar.

Silverstein lead singer Shane Todd is alarmingly honest, exposing his vulnerable side through soft vocals backed by meandering guitars. Then he unleashes his demon, who brings along crunchy riffs and furious percussion as tracks off the band’s sophomore release, Discovering the Waterfront, shift from nobody-loves-me grievances to wrathful screams.

Five years ago, Silverstein — which also includes Paul Koehler (drums), Neil Boshart (guitar), Josh Bradford (guitar), and Billy Hamilton (bass) — had just begun to cut its now-gnashing teeth as a burgeoning band from Burlington, Ontario, just outside of Toronto. After recording two EPs, the group signed with hardcore and emo haven Victory Records to release their debut full-length, When Broken Is Easily Fixed.

Make no mistake — Silverstein is soaked in emo influences. With track titles like “Already Dead” and “Call it Karma” — not to mention the downtrodden, Narcissus-looking figure tracing circles at the edge of a waterfall on the album cover — they’re not trying to hide it either. Discovering the Waterfront‘s lead single, “Smile in Your Sleep” finds them teetering vicariously between melancholy and rage as Todd sings, “I have reasons to believe I’m not the only one you spend this time with, but I’ll stay,” before erupting from the infected depths of an open wound, screaming, “You smiled.”

This fall, Silverstein will pair their talents against one of the best, as they hit the road with current MTV darlings Hawthorne Heights. But for now, catch them headlining across the U.S. and Canada.

Silverstein tour dates:

8/15, Buffalo, NY (Icon) 8/16, Farmingdale, NY (Downtown) 8/17, Cambridge, MA (Middle East)8/19, Cleveland, OH (Grog Shop) 8/21, Trenton, NJ (Hellfest 2K5)8/22, Detroit, MI (Alvin’s)8/23, Chicago, IL (Bottom Lounge) 8/25, W. Hollywood, CA (Troubador) 8/26, San Francisco, CA (Pound SF)8/27, Pomona, CA (Glasshouse) 8/28, San Diego, CA (Soma) 8/29, Tempe, AZ (Clubhouse) 9/3, Huntington, WV (Hyamp) 9/4, Pittston, PA (The Staircase) 9/5, New Haven, CT (Toad’s Place) 9/6, Syracuse, NY (Club Tundra) 9/10, Burlington, ON (YMCA Gymnasium) 9/12, Hamilton, ON (Underground) 9/15, New York, NY (Avalon – Victory CMJ Showcase)

Link: Silverstein official site

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