New Releases: August 9, 2005

Juliana Hatfield, Made in China (Ye Olde)
Ms. Hatfield is without her three on this solo release, which promises to be chock full o’ great baselines and girl anthems.
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Koufax, Hard Times Are In Fashion (Doghouse)
Political power-pop that will make you want to pick up and move to Canada, where the weather is cold and the politics are progressive.
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Mobius Band, The Loving Sounds of Static (Ghostly International)
Standard guitar-bass-drums rock band formula + keyboards and a sampler = complex songs structures and catchy pop hooks; Mobius Band is an equation you’ll want to get your head around. (read more)
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Sons and Daughters, The Repulsion Box (Domino)
With its Scottish Inflections, Repulsion is like The Wild Bunch seen from the outskirts of Edinburgh, a European reflection of the stylized American West. (read more)
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