Legal Beef: Axl Fires Back at Slash and Duff

Gone are the days when rock stars settled their problems through an old fashioned fistfight or a bottle of Jack to the cranium. Now, dudes in suits have all the fun. Axl Rose’s lawyer, Howard Weitzman, has penned a response to a lawsuit filed against the elusive G’n’R frontman by ex-bandmates Slash and Duff McKagan regarding lost royalty payments. According to, Weitzman called the lawsuit “frivolous,” and said that the royalties in question were sent by mistake to Axl. When the error was realized, Weitzman stresses, the money was sent back to the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) for redistribution among the former bandmates. “Rather than pick up the telephone and contact Axl or his representatives, his former partners scurried to file a lawsuit that contained false statements about Axl rather then making an effort to learn the truth regarding ASCAP’s mistake,” Weitzman said in an official statement. While Axl is still at the helm of the reconstructed Guns N’ Roses, Slash and Duff have moved onto greener (and far more active) pastures with platinum-selling supergroup Velvet Revolver.

Guns N’ Roses official site
Velvet Revolver official site

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