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For a band that boldly proclaims “this is the age of no feeling” in the first three minutes of its album, Koufax offers quite an emotive sound. On Hard Times Are in Fashion, Koufax barely disguises pointed attacks on America’s current political leadership in eleven catchy, slickly produced tracks.

Even though it’s more likely you’ll be humming along to the infectious melodies rather than getting riled up about politics, you may suddenly reallize what you’ve been singing along to. From the obvious discontent on “Colour Us Canadian” (“We’d call ourselves Canadian / Anything but American”) to the blatant attacks of “Back and Forth” (“Always in denial about a president evidently cheating through that awful smile”), it’s clear that vocalist/guitarist Robert Suchan and pianist Jared Rosenberg had something to get off of their chests when writing this album.

Koufax’s current lineup includes two-fifths of now-defunct emo heroes the Get Up Kids (brothers Robert and Ryan Pope), and they’re understandably flavored with the pop-rock sound that the Kids perfected in their heyday. But the quintet moves toward the pop end of the spectrum via danceable rhythms, melodic piano, and frenetic guitars. And, with vocals that more closely resemble Steve Bays, Koufax is more aligned to a cowbell-less Hot Hot Heat.

After releasing two albums on pop-punk stalwart Vagrant, the Midwestern band returns to Doghouse Records, which released Koufax’s self-titled 1999 EP and also boasts the equally catchy All-American Rejects on its roster. Koufax is also on tour with O.C.-born but Texas-sounding labelmates Limbeck throughout August.

Koufax tour dates:

8/11, Los Angeles, CA (Knitting Factory)8/12, San Diego, CA (Epicentre)8/13, Anaheim, CA (Chain Reaction)8/15, Phoenix, AZ (Modified Arts)8/16, Tucson, AZ Club Congress8/18, Fort Worth, TX (Wreck Room)8/19, Austin, TX (Emos)8/20, Houston, TX (Mary Jane’s Fat Cat)8/21, Little Rock, AR (Vino’s)8/22, Springfield, MO (Outland Ballroom)8/24, Chicago, IL (Bottom Lounge)8/25, Minneapolis, MN (Triple Rock)8/26, Lawrence, KS (Jackpot)8/27, Toledo, OH (Howards H)8/29, Allston, MA (Great Scott)8/30, New York, NY (Knitting Factory)9/1, Washington, DC (Black Cat)9/3, Columbia, SC (New Brookland Tavern)

Link: Koufax official site