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Get Him Eat Him

By: Peter Gaston

Most college bands have simple aspirations, namely playing frat parties, drinking free beer, and snogging with inebriated co-eds. Sometimes, after graduation, band members seek out more artistic, intelligent musical pursuits, but many more are content to revel in their exploits within the Greek system. The collegiate glory days for Providence, RI’s Get Him Eat Him, however, have an entirely different set of highlights: a record deal with indie Absolutely Kosher, opening slots for indie idols like the Arcade Fire and Ted Leo, and now, a debut full-length called Geography Cones.

Who better to make a college rock classic than kids who are actually enrolled in college? Genius! Geography Cones sounds great reverberating off the cinder block walls of your favorite fluorescent-lit, tapestry-adorned abode. “Mumble Mumble” has a subtle swing that’s ideal for that flailing, head shaking, white-person dance style commonly found on quads everywhere, and its chorus surges with vocal harmonies and keys straight out of the New Pornographers’ bag of tricks. “One Word” is bratty and brash enough to get the manly dudes nodding their heads, and the winsome, delicate “Separate States” is tailor-made back-to-school swoon.

Get Him Eat Him are in the midst of a summer vacation that’s already included the release of their album and a full-blown national tour, which still has a few remaining dates; we hope the boys are living out that fantasy of free beer and snogging cute co-eds while on the road. But if you can’t catch them now, you might be in trouble: The lads have to be back in class at Brown University on September 6. Summer dreams ripped at the seams, but oh, those summer nights.

Get Him Eat Him tour dates:

8/2, San Francisco, CA (Bottom of the Hill) 8/5, Visalia, CA (Vernal Falls) 8/8, Los Angeles, CA (Ghetto Gloss) 8/9, San Diego, CA (Che Cafe) 8/12, Denton, TX (Rubber Gloves) 8/14, Houston, TX (Super Happy Fun Land) 8/15, Baton Rouge, TX (Red Star) 8/20, Charleston, SC (Redux) 8/22, Washington, DC (Warehouse Next Dorr)

Links: Get Him Eat Him official site

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