Fiona Apple’s Machine Finally Turned On

Free at last! Fiona’s free at last! Well, sort of. Fiona Apple’s much discussed new record, Extraordinary Machine, will finally see an official release on October 4, and even those die hard fans who shared MP3s from that album for over a year will want to run out and buy it. Why? Apple’s redone the whole record, including those leaked songs, according to While the Jon Brion-produced version of Extraordinary Machine was finished more than a year ago, Fiona hooked up with producers Mike Elizondo and Brian Kehew to rework the project in April 2004. Fans erroneously thought that Apple’s record label, Epic, had rejected the first version of Extraordinary Machine and protested outside Epic’s headquarters in early 2005; in reality, according to Elizondo, Apple was unhappy with the results, and it was her decision to redo the record, not her label’s. The new Machine will include just two Brion-produced tracks: “Waltz” and the title track. Since October 4 is still a long way away for Fiona’s insatiable fans, she’s made two tracks available for streaming on her official site starting today, and those two will be available for purchase in the iTunes Music Store tomorrow (Aug. 16).

Fiona Apple official website
Free Fiona website

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