Maybe you shouldn’t take advice from Long Island’s From Autumn to Ashes. After all, their new album (and third full-length) is entitled Abandon Your Friends, a recommendation that certainly does not fall into the “happy album titles” category. But, strangely, the title fits: The music concocted on this release sounds anything but happy.

With melodic vocals leveling out the typical combo of screaming vocals, hardcore riffs, and drumbeats, FATA offers a more amicable brand of hardcore to those who normally find tearing guitars and coarse vocals hard to stomach. The group, which formed five years ago on Long Island, achieves that bipolar contrast as its two vocalists — Benjamin Perri and drummer Francis Mark — takes turns alternating between Perri’s harsh screams and Mark’s clear, emotive harmonies. “Inapprope,” the album’s debut single, aptly illustrates the band ability to balance their hardcore sensibilities with a more melodic pop quality.

That dichotomy often makes it difficult for FATA to find a place among hardcore scenesters who profess complete devotion to the subjective laws governing the genre’s music. But Abandon Your Friends, which boasts standout tracks “Where Do You Draw the Line” and “Placentapede” (which — fun fact! — was named by Coheed & Cambria’s drummer Josh Eppard), finds its place snugly between modern hardcore acts like Hopesfall and the Bled and alt-rock bands like the Smashing Pumpkins.

FATA did disappointed fans when they inexplicably dropped off the Sounds of the Underground Tour this summer, but they will be making the rounds this fall. Currently in Europe on the U.K. festival circuit, FATA will tour the U.S. in September and October:

9/19, Millvale, PA (Mr. Smalls Theatre) 9/20, Chicago, IL (House of Blues)9/21, Lawrence, KS (Granada)9/22, Denver, CO (Cervantes)9/23, Salt Lake City, UT (Lo-Fi Cafe)9/24, Boise, ID (The Core)9/25, Portland, OR (Hawthorne Theater)9/26, Seattle, WA (Studio 7)9/28, San Francisco, CA (Slim’s)9/29, Pomona, CA (Glass House)9/30, Los Angeles, CA (Henry Fonda Theatre)10/01, San Diego, CA (Soma)10/02, Tempe, AZ (Marquee Theatre)10/04, San Antonio, TX (White Rabbit)10/05, Dallas, TX (The Galaxy Club)10/06, Little Rock, AR (Vino’s)10/07, Nashville, TN (Rocketown)10/08, Charlotte, NC (Tremont Music Hall)

Link: From Autumn to Ashes official site

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