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Pixies Talk New Album; In Other News, Hell Hath Frozen Over

Hark! The coming of the apocalypse! Well, it might not be that dramatic, but the Pixies are talking about recording new material for the first time since 1991’s Trompe le Monde. According to, chameleonic lead singer Frank Black says, “We have been discussing recording a new album lately. As happy as we are with the success of the reunion tour, we really want to make a record for the right reasons, whether it is successful commercially or not.” There is no word yet from the rest of the band, but they have already recorded a couple of tracks since reuniting in 2004 including “Bam Thwok,” which is available on iTunes, and a Warren Zevon cover.

Pixies tour dates:
7/23, Chicago, IL (Lollapalooza)
7/30, San Diego, CA (San Diego Street Scene)
8/6, Newport, RI (Newport Folk Festival)
8/23, Dublin, Ireland (Landsdowne Road)
8/26, Reading, UK (Reading Festival)
8/27, Leeds, UK (Leeds Festival)

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