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Oberst Offers Solace in London

Playing a show at London’s Somerset House just days after the London transit bombings, Conor Oberst offered some comforting words to a crowd that also included R.E.M.’s Michael Stipe, Kele Okereke of Bloc Party, and members of Razorlight, reported. “I know things have been super fucked-up around here and we’ve been thinking of you,” said Oberst. “And I know you’ve all been even more worried thinking about each other, but hopefully humanity won’t destroy itself while we’re alive. I believe in people and in love… people need to stop hating people, it’s a big task but hopefully it can be done. We love you guys.”

While Oberst didn’t go all Omarion and ask fans to pray for his own safety, he did have some face to save in the U.K. after incurring some flak over comments he made onstage a few weeks ago at the Glastonbury festival. British radio station XFM said Oberst “appeared wildly intoxicated throughout his Sunday headline spot on the John Peel Stage,” and that he called Peel — the legendary British radio DJ who passed away earlier this year — a “huge cokehead.” Oberst offered this apology to NME: “I truly don’t remember much of the show but have been informed since of what I said and it was way out of line and far from my real feelings. I have nothing but respect for John Peel and his beautiful gift for sharing music.”