Franz Talks New Single

Glasgow’s favorite sons, Franz Ferdinand, love writing about the nightlife. Their first big single, “Take Me Out,” was all about getting shot down by a lady while out on the town, and their new single, “Do You Want To,” out September 19 in the U.K., is about a particularly debaucherous night in their Scotland hometown. Lead singer Alex Kapranos told that the day after this infamous party, “[I] had this little riff that I quite liked and I started singing some of these things that people had been yelling into my ear the night before. Suddenly, it turned into this song.” Kapranos won’t spill the beans about the details of the conversations: “I think some of the people wouldn’t want to be reminded of some of the things they were yelling in my ear that night and I’m certainly not going to mention any names otherwise they’d absolutely kill me. Or at least their boyfriends will!” Even without bangs, Alex is a right cheeky bastard, init?

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