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Unhitch the Trailer

It started as an experiment on the wonderful web two years ago, then took a rather extended detour into another medium altogether. As I said back then, and as I’ll repeat now, there are some stupendous bloggers and bloggerettes out there who will, at many junctures, be far funnier, better connected, more frequently visited, more stylish, more awesome, and definitely hotter than me. But will their diatribes be as succulent and nourishing? Perhaps not.

Nor will they begin with as self-effacing an anecdote as this one. I loved playing baseball in high school, but no level of passion for the game could make up for my lack of natural speed on the base paths. During one unforgettable practice, I launched a ball into the left-center gap and began huffing down the first base line, turning wide and heading for second, knowing full well that any speedier player could stretch that knock into three. One exasperated coach hoped humor might hasten my gait. “Gaston!” he shouted. “Unhitch the trailer! Unhitch the trailer!” Consider that load loosened, baby. Here we go.