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UK’s Glastonbury Festival All Wet

Several of the opening acts for Britain’s massive Glastonbury Festival have been pulled due to torrential downpours. According to, Tom Vek, the Subways, Black Bud, the Dead 60s, and Adjagas had their performances postponed because water had pooled at the foot of two of the Glastonbury stages. The Festival’s official website says that at the Dance Village, one of seven Glastonbury stages, the Dance lounge has been split in two, but it is currently on the mend. The hearty Brit spirit prevails against all the damp weather, though. “There’s no moaning yet,” Glastonbury’s website says. “Festival goers seem to have half-expected this to happen.”

That’s not a surprising sentiment, given the storied history of rain at Glastonbury. At the 1982 Glasto weekend, the highest rainfall for a single day in forty-five years was recorded at the concert site. 1997’s festival was nicknamed the “Year of the Mud,” with the Prodigy and Radiohead slogging through the muck to give great performances.

Glastonbury official site