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Say Hi To Your Mom

By: Jessica Grose

It’s rare that a song title from a band can encapsulate their entire appeal. Brooklyn-based Eric Elbogen (aka Say Hi To Your Mom) has managed to do just that on “As Smart as Geek is Chic Right Now,” the final song of his most recent album, Ferocious Mopes. With verbose, clever lyrics, Elbogen croons in a borderline emo voice that falls somewhere between the irony of Stephen Malkmus and the earnestness of Conor Oberst.

On his third full-length as alter ego Say Hi To Your Mom, Elbogen conquers neo-new wave territory with some inventive computer play and synthesizer work, and captures something almost Bowie or Eno-esque with eerie, fantastical motifs. Particularly on “Yeah, I’m In Love With An Android,” where Elbogen sings in a completely conversational tone about his love affair with a robot friend, does Elbogen recall the futuristic feeling of Ziggy Stardust-era Bowie: “Her kisses are metallic and her touch is firm but cold… I swore I’m done with humans, and I like to keep my word.”

Against the backdrop of simple strumming acoustic guitar on “Yeah, I’m in Love With An Android,” there is also something of that intellectual battle with impending modernity and the feeling of alienation from real humanity explored by Grandaddy and Radiohead. Ferocious Mopes is in stores now.