Does Jesus Go To 11?

Since then, they’ve put out a handful of woefully underrated albums (most notably 2000’s In the Valley of Dying Stars — download “The Warmth of a Tomb” if you don’t believe me) and toured a whole bunch with a ton of different bands.

The band is still kicking around, but their frontman John Davis (not to be confused with that Korn dude) has, to paraphrase Rivers Cuomo, cleaned up and found Jesus. A recovering alcoholic, Davis recently released an singer-songwriter solo album that could mostly be described as Christian rock. But while he’s now singing about expanding his mind through prayer and not through chemicals, it still retains that great Superdrag bar jangle sound, which owes a lot to Guided By Voices (arena rock without the arenas). The self-titled record is out on Rambler, and while it doesn’t quite match the live-wire majesty of “Do The Vampire” or “Gimme Animosity,” it still makes for pretty good lighter-waving tunes (or in this case, prayer candle-waving tunes).

Check out John Davis’ official site, and also check out Superdrag’s home page.

Have a great A-D weekend!


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