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Darkness Got a Case of the Yokos?

In keeping with rock forefathers the Beatles, ousted Darkness bassist Frankie Poullain claims that he was kicked out of the band due to pressure from singer Justin Hawkins and his girlfriend, who is also the band’s manager. “At Darkness HQ, where Justin and his partner reside, I have gradually been frozen out over a long period of time,” Poullain told about his dismissal from the band. Poullain says his work remains on the Darkness’ follow-up to 2003’s blockbuster Permission to Land. “The second album is incredible,” Frankie says. “Co-written by Justin, Dan and myself, I’m convinced it is destined to be a huge success.”

A recent post on the Darkness’ official studio diary begs to differ: “The album will not be delayed by bassist Frankie Poullain’s departure as he had elected to perform his parts last. All bands work in different ways and the Darkness preferred to record their parts for this album individually with producer Roy Thomas Baker [Queen, the Cars, Journey]. Frankie had yet to participate in the recording of the album when his exit from the band was announced, so no re-recording of bass parts will be necessary.” Instead, guitarist Dan Hawkins will handle bass duties in the studio, the band says.