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Reliving Live Aid

By: Jessica Grose

In the hopes of raising awareness about global hunger, Bob Geldof, who organized 1985’s blockbuster Live Aid concerts, is launching a new concert series, Live 8, on July 2nd. There are already concerts scheduled in Philadelphia, London, Berlin, and Rome, with ongoing negotiations for a Paris venue. Not surprisingly, rock’s elder statesman Bono is scheduled to play in London, along with Madonna, Paul McCartney, and R.E.M. P. Diddy, Dave Matthews, and Stevie Wonder are scheduled for the Philly show, while Lauryn Hill and Brian Wilson will rock Berlin. Live 8 is scheduled right before the leaders of the G8 convene in Great Britain. According to the Associated Press, Geldof says that, “[the G8 meeting is a] unique opportunity for Britain to do something unparalleled in the world … to tilt the world a little bit on its axis in favor of the poor.”