It comes as no surprise that the Perishers have supplied the soundtrack for shows like the O.C. and One Tree Hill. The soaring guitars and soft-sung lyrics like, “Oh won’t you be my solid ground,” would make the perfect background for a particularly poignant scene about Marisa’s alcohol abuse or Ryan’s time spent in the clink.

Maybe it’s hard to be self-aware when you’re from northern Sweden and it’s seventy degrees below zero nine months out of the year and you can only get feedback on your music from moose. At least, I hope that’s the Perishers’ excuse for being so aggressively mundane. Their American debut, Let There Be Morning, is peppered with maudlin lyrics and sappy acoustic guitar work.

The Perishers’ lead singer, Ola Kluft, repeats phrases like, “There’s nothing like you and I,” enunciating the words slightly differently each time in a way that’s supposed to be moving, but just ends up being up-chuck inducing. The only saving grace of the album is that it’s quietly innocuous enough to ignore.

If you like this kind of exaggerated folksy thing, the Perishers are currently on tour with Sarah MacLachlan for the rest of the spring. For more tour info: click here


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