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The Headphones

Headphones sounds a bit like a videogame depicting an epic human struggle. It’s not surprising that lead singer Bazan says he was influenced by the Flaming Lips; Headphoneshas the same eerie feel as Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, although Headphones is more rooted in reality than the Lips tend to be.

The most touching song off Headphones is the last track, “Slow Car Crash.” Bazan spends the first verses minutely describing said car crash until it becomes painfully clear that the wreck he’s discussing has nothing to do with Chevys. “We knew it was over and both looked away,” Bazan sings in his soft, searching voice, “Right at each other/ With spare time to say/ Babe, I love you.”

Though there are three members in the Headphones (Pedro’s Bazan and Walsh with Frank Lenz of Starflyer 59), only Bazan and Walsh will be touring this spring. For more info on the tour, click here