Luke Temple

Luke Temple could be the latest in a line of Jeff Buckley interpreters. He sustains the same pretty-yet-despondent tenor, and touches on the same subject matter: abandoned lovers, cruel acts of God, unrequited longing. With his sweet voice and acoustic flair, Temple will have to fend off the comparisons to the current canon of suicidal singer-songwriters (Buckley, Elliot Smith, Nick Drake). But Hold A Match For A Gasoline World has moments of pure giddiness that keep it from being fully mired in the doldrums. The first song off the album, “Someone Somewhere,” has the upbeat feeling of Norwegian heartthrob Sondre Lerche’s “Two Way Monologue.” This spring Temple is releasing his first full-length album, Hold A Match For A Gasoline World .

Temple was not always just a musician; he started as a visual artist, and once earned his keep as a candy salesman. Before moving to New York and then Seattle to pursue his dream of making music, he attended the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Massachusetts, and worked in a candy shop in Northern California. Hold A Match For A Gasoline World, Temple’s debut full-length, was released on April 19th.


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