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The 22-20s

Hometown: Linconshire, England


2003, 05-03 EP (Astralwerks)

2005, 22-20s (Astralwerks)

British blokes the 22-20s play classic rock with influences ranging from fellow countrymen the Stones to old-school Mississippi mud-drenched blues. There is an impish quality to much of the 22-20s self-titled full-length debut–recorded with Brendan Lynch of Paul Weller and Primal Scream fame–which most likely comes from the relative youthfulness of the band members. The lead singer, songwriter, and guitarist Martin Trimble is a mere 21 years old, and the band released their first EP on Astralwerks when Trimble was just 18.

The spirit of the bluesmen that Trimble and co. channel is most apparent in their lyrics. The band covers well-worn blues territory on “Such a Fool,” when Trimble sings about his lost woooo-man. “Told the girl you love the best,” Trimble laments in a gritty voice that’s a cross between Jack White and Mick Jagger, “She could never get inside of you…Lord what a stupid thing to do.”

Trimble is joined by Glen Bartup on the bass, James Irving on the drums, and Charly Coombes on the keyboards. After a stateside triumph at the South by Southwest Festival last month, 22-20s will be released in the US on April 19th.