Sounds Like: Lush harmonies and pleasing guitars make for a pretty indie-pop package that’s irresistible. Palomar sounds like a more thoughtful, esoteric version of their now-defunct-Kindercore almost-labelmates Dressy Bessy (Kindercore went under before they could ever release an album from Palomar). On the final track of their most recent EP, Palomar 3.5, the band covers basic twee territory with lines about carefree days when you, “let it go,” because, “spring is in town now.” Breezy lyrics aside, Palomar dig in with tracks like “Washington,” which recalls Dig Me Out-era Sleater Kinney.

Fun Facts: The name Palomar comes from a book band member Rachel Warren read called Black Holes and Time Warps. (Palomar is the name of an observatory in California.) Palomar have been wee touring workhorses: They’ve been on the road with respected indie acts Mates of State, Ted Leo, Spoon, and the Wrens. Palomar’s new EP, Palomar 3.5 is available on their website April 12th. For more information go to


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