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The Merediths

Sounds Like: The Beatles fronted by any member of the Elephant 6 Music Collective. Frontman Joe Meredith has the perfect indie-pop croon; his voice is equal parts plaintive and shrewd. The first song on the the Closed Universe EP, Marmalade Maggie, is a knowing nod to “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds,” while the harmonies on “Homo Erectus” are reminiscent of pre- Good News Modest Mouse. “Homo Erectus” even deals with similar cosmic themes as The Moon and Antarctica. With lyrics like, “When you got there / You called it home / Everything tends to be alright / In the great unknown,” it’s clear that Joe Meredith and bandmates Brian Haulter (drums), Jesse Lucas (bass), Jonathan York (keyboard) and Mark Bryant (guitar) took a long drive through Isaac Brock’s early material.

Fun Facts: The Merediths might just save regional music; they’re proving that you don’t have to live in a filthy loft in Williamsburg to make a good record. Although they’ve only made small tremors in the larger indie scene, the Merediths have a huge following in Louisville. The proof is in their Internet presence: the Merediths have over a thousand friends on their page; a virtual indie fan club.