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Mando Diao

Hometown: Borlange, SwedenDiscography: 2003 – Bring ‘Em In (Mute)2005 – Hurricane Bar (Mute)

Fun Facts: Though Mando Diao sings exclusively in English, they have a huge following in Japan. Nor�n says that the band’s Japanese fans are so fervent they have written fan mail translating Mando Diao’s songs into Swedish. “We didn’t even know our songs in Swedish!” Says Gustaf, “They’re so crazy over there, which is why we love them.” Mando Diao’s second full-length, Hurricane Bar, is slated for release on March 8th.

Sounds Like: Catchier than, but somewhat Strokes-like, Mando Diao is exuberant garage-punk with a mod twist; they revive the irrepressible spirit of ’60 Brit-pop. Main songwriter / vocalist Gustaf Nor�n and bandmates Bj�rn Dixg�rd, Carl-Johan “CJ” Fogelklou, and Samuel Giers all grew up in Borlange � a city that boasts not only sub-zero temperatures but also the highest murder rate in Sweden.

To listen to songs from Hurricane Bar, click here.